Update bios for amd phenom

im updating my processor and am told i need to update my bios before hand... how do i go about updating my bios.
current processor is an AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+

new processor is an AMD Phenom II X4 840...

please help
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  1. First off, what brand / type of mainboard do you have ?
    If you do not know there is a simple program wich you can run to see what type you have, for that go here:


    Go a little bit down on that page and download the free SIW without installer version.
    Run it and from the left pane go to the section hardware and click on motherboard.
  2. You can also download CPU-z and use that to identify your motherboard and bios version as well as cpu type, ram type etc or just pay attention during POST.

    Once you have the information, go to the manufacturers website and download the BIOS. Since it sounds like you have an AM2 mobo, that is a bit older and you might not find a GUI based BIOS update so you will need to follow the manufacturers instructions to create a bootable BIOS update disc.
  3. Yeah if your board supports that processor, a bios update will work. If it doesn't support that processor a bios update won't help.

    Make sure your board supports the cpu before buying it.
  4. If you given us the mobo model that you have, we maybe can help you with your answer.
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