Radeon 6850 + WMP

I recently upgraded to a 6850, and while it does games just fine, i can now barely play windows media player at the same time.

Just using wmp to play an mp4 alone takes up 30-40% of my GPU (according to CCC) and wmp playing mp4 + me playing WoW = 100% GPU usage and my fps dies. I dont remember this happening on my older 5750. I use a 1055t with 4gb of ram and catalyst 10.10
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  1. Just downloaded VLC and I am back to running WoW and playing mp4s with under 50% gpu usage...

    So my 6850 hates WMP?
  2. yes it is, the only thing I changed is swapping my 5750 to a 6850 (just a drop in, didn't mess with software).

    so maybe I need to re-install all my ati driver software and re-install, or is an isolated issue with 6800 cards? or maybe I have bad card (unlikely since it does 3d just fine and VLC is playing fine too).
  3. Yes, that is a good way.
    Even cards by the same manufacture's have conflicting profiles.
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    ya - uninstall the ati drivers - reboot - install latest drivers - reboot...

    and try this -> -> 'media player classic' -> it'll play anything (without the need to install additional codecs)... and when the video file is supported, it will try and use the GPU to render the video and leave your CPU free...
  5. is MPC better than VLC?
  6. i'm an MPC fan personally.. i find the interface more user-friendly than VLC... however i think they rank about the same... it's just a matter of personal taste...
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