do i need this catalys? i have RADEON 9250 128MB card using xp pro... i was trying to put the case cover back on the tower and the whole screen went blank, i had to plug my monitor back to the on board deally and when it came back up it said ati drivers were missing... is it possible to knock the drivers out like this, by kinda banging on the tower? i unplugged the card and rebooted etc etc and finally got it working again, then i moved the tower slightly and it went blank again... repeated the unplugging process and now its working haha, yah i'm an idiot... but, just wondering if i need this, or if there is a way to repair the drivers i have...
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  1. What likely happened is that when you banged on the case, you dislodged the video card, which caused the screen to go blank. When you booted back up, you were plugged into the integraded processer on the motherboard. This required you to reinstall the drivers for the integrated graphics processor. Once you reseated the original 9250, then it went back to the original drivers and may require reinstallation.
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