Crc error on dual channel ram

Mother Board h55hc
Processor.... core i3 550
Memory...... .xms 2g*2 1600
I have crc error on dual channel ram
when i remove one ram,there is No crc and other errors.system works fine with one 2 gb ram.pls tell me the solution!!!
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  1. Hello i have dual channel problem with my intel H55HC M.board. Why i know this? 1: I get crc errors when i try to unzip movies and stuff who is as large as 4 gig. and when i take out one memory it works just fine,no crc errors no instalation errors.pls tell me the solution.

    CORE I3 550
    CORSSAIR XMS3 DDR3 2*2 GIG 1600
    SEAGATE 500 gig
    Gfc 8800 gtS
  2. Is memory in slots 1&3 or in 1&2 ?
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    crc errors
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