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HD radeon 6870 users are still without a driver :

Note! AMD Catalyst™ 10.11 does not provide support for the AMD Radeon™ HD 68xx series of graphics cards. Full support for these graphics cards is targeted to be available in the AMD Catalyst 10.12 driver release.

and at power color they provide drivers :

but i dont know what different is those drivers from the ones at AMD !!!!
and why should power color make their own drivers lol ???

i have been advised to use the driver on the card install dvd for win 7
64 bit until the new drivers are released . and so i did .
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  1. Those drivers on powercolor's support page are just the 10.10 drivers from the AMD site, it's just an older version of CCC.
  2. notty22 said:

    Nice just installed them but have you tested them?....i didn't see any notes i wanna know if there is any improvements for the 6850/6870 cards......i'll test later
  3. Keith483 said:

    We apologize. The page you are trying to reach cannot be found. This may have happened for a few reasons:

    * The page has been moved
    * The page has been deleted
    * There was a typo or error in the link you clicked
    * There was a typo or error in a URL typed into the browser

    To find what you're looking for, use the search box below or the most popular pages on our website to guide you in the right direction.

    dammit! :(
  4. Keith483 said:
    ?? It works for me -

    Yeah i can get to that page too but when i click on release notes i get the message about the page cant be found...
  5. great , now which download do i get from that page ? sorry but am new with ati
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    idx said:
    great , now which download do i get from that page ? sorry but am new with ati

    ATI Radeon™ Video Card Drivers
    ATI Catalyst™ Application Profiles

    just pick witch OS you have from list then it should take you to another page and on that page download AMD Catalyst 10.12 Preview for Windows 7/what ever os you have– Featuring the new Catalyst Control Center
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