Will my system run a GTX 460?

Hi there,i have a mid range gaming pc and im thinking of upgrading my graphics card.i dont have alot of money to spend also.first i was looking at the ati XFX 5770 1 gig,but i also like the nvidia GTX 460 card,can anyone tell me if my Power supply and CPU with work ok with that card.does it have a single 6 pin connector?? i usually play fps(call of duty black ops) any help is appreciated.thanks

Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3L, Intel P45/LGA775/ATX ;NZXT APPOLLO CASE

4GB KIT(2x XMS2 2GB) Corsair 'XMS2' [TWIN2X4096-6400C5], DDR2/PC6400/800MHz

550W Greatwall power supply

500GB Seagate ‘Barracuda’ [ST3500418AS], 7200.12/SATA/16MB CACHE

Intel® Core™2 Duo E7600, 3.06GHz/FSB1066MHz/3MB Cache/LGA775

XFX HD 4770 512MB 128Bit, [11X-HD4770-512], PCIe
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  1. Thanks for your advice malmental.i often play call of duty black ops and some MW2, and i use a 20inch widescreen asus monitor at 1600x900 resolution.i think if i do try overclocking my CPU i will need a better heatsink,i just have a basic low profile(zerotherm) heatsink and fan now.will my CPU run well with the GTX 460 at stock speeds??.thanks again for your help...from mrclownface
  2. It will run well, no need for overclocking. Even if you overclocked your CPU, the dfference would be minimal, IMO. Stop worrying, start playing :)
  3. great thanks alot,regards,mrclownface :sol:
  4. Get Gtx 560 when it comes out,that gpu will be bang for buck,i am willing to bet on it.
  5. thats a good idea to also keep down the cost,i can get the EVGA GTS 450 at a good price,thanks for the help :)
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