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In an earlier thread I had some issues with the new CPU i bought and figured out it wasn't compatible with my mobo. So i've order a new mobo. BIOSTAR N68S. Mt CPU is an AMD II Phenom X4 960t. I have a 650W PSU. And use x2 2GB sticks of ddr2 ram. Ive got everything installed and plugged in correctly.

When I boot up i hear the hard drive click twice the dvd drive opens all the fans run. However on monitor it shows no signal check video input. Ive tried reseting the BIOS with the plugs on the mobo. Ive also tried booting with 1gb of ram in both the slots.

Any thoughts?
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  1. So i just put in old CPU my and 9100e. Got it to boot to a screen where says checksum failed and loaded defaults. Then F8 to continue setup ,
    F9-select boot device and reset after post
    F1or del to escape out.
    Maybe my new CPU is bad but this is making some leeway. However i can't get either of my keyboards 1 usb and 1 ps/2 to work to select an option
  2. Hey did you have any luck with getting this to work? I have the exact same motherboard with the same CPU, AMD Phenom II X4 960T Zosma. I am also using x2 2GB of ram. My PSU is only 580 though. I use my old X3 8400 and it boots fine, but when I plug this processor in I get no video and the fan on my video card stays revved up rather than revving down after a couple seconds with the working 8400. My keyboard and mouse also do not turn on when trying to use this processor. :( I've tried everything I can think of, including updated bios, ram reseating, using 1 gb of ram at a time, resetting cmos using both the jumper and battery method, trying with bare minimum plugged in, using Optimized factory bios settings, and all to no avail. I have the same bios version as on the website dated 6/24/2010. If you figure anything out let me know, this has been driving me crazy :(
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