Would love some help and advice on a planned new build

Good day to everyone,

I am planning on getting a new computer in the next couple of weeks, so I have been doing some research around. And this is the build I am planning to get.

Intel 2600k

CPU Cooler:
Zalman CNPS X10 Extreme

HAF 912 Advanced + Cooler Master Excalibur 120mm fan for the side


Kingston Hyper-X 1600mhz cl9: 4Gig X 2

Graphic Card:
Galaxy GTX560 White Edition

Sound Card:
SB X-FI Titanium

Hard Disk:
WD 1TB 64MB Black

Optical Drives:
Lite On DVD Burner
Lite On Blu-Ray combo
(Maybe a NZXT Sentry 2 fan controller.....just maybe :sarcastic: )

Power Supply:
Seasonic M12-II 620 Single Rail 620w PSU

Dell U2311H IPS Monitor

These are the parts that I came up with. Since I am living in ASIA, the parts might vary in prices with where you guys are from, but I've checked and all of them together is right inside my budget. I will be using my computer for 3D Modeling and Animation, as well as playing games. That's why I thought that the 2600k, RAM and the IPS monitor would be for my 3D modelings, and the GTX560 for playing games.

And since I do live in ASIA (and it is quite hot around here, typically 26-30+ celcius in my room) I thought that I should go for a good casing and a strong cpu cooler. But if it does get too hot, I will have the air condition on to make sure the computer isn't in a sauna.

My real main concern here is, will the 620w psu be sufficient? I am not planning to overclock the graphics card, but I will definitely be overclocking the cpu. If you think I should get a bigger PSU, what do you think about getting the Cooler Master Silent Pro M700 psu?

Another thing, what kind of overclock speeds do you think I will be able to get from the cpu with the zalman cooler? Hehe every bit of juice counts when doing 3D rendering. But of course, one that is still stable in terms of tempretures. the way, what is highest overclocked 2600k that you've heard of? Hehe not trying to break the record, but just out of curiosity.

My previous computer was a DELL inspiron, so this is really my very first build. That is why I would love to get any advice and ideas from your guys who are much more experienced.

I will definitely appreciate any feedback or critism that you can take the time to give me.
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  1. Hello rekjl;
    That is an excellent choice of power supply. Seasonic M12II-620 Power Supply Review @ HardOCP
    And it has more than enough power to run everything in your system. In fact it will handle a 2nd GTX 560 ti as well.
  2. How to Overclock the MSI P67A-GD55
    I've seen quite a few 2600K owners reporting 4.6Ghz. Give your warm climate you might not get the same results.
  3. Thanks for the feedback WR2.

    Haha had I not found this power supply, I would have opted for a cooler master psu instead.

    Wow, that 620w psu can handle 560GTX in sli? I've been reading that I would need somewhere around 800w to power the whole thing. If it is true, then an ungrade in the near future is definitely possible!

    Thanks for the post on how to overclock on that MotherBoard. Haha pictures will definitely make things a lot easier for a newbie like me to understand!

    Again, thanks for you helpful feedback WR2
  4. Best answer
    All your parts are compatible but I could not confirm that the big Zalman CNPS X10 Extreme CPU cooler would fit in the HAF 912 Advanced with the side fan installed.
  5. Cooler Master HAF 912 Case Review @ Hardware Secrets

    Showing the side fan is lower down in the case side panel in an area where it should not be affected by the tall heatsink.
    I still can't find anyone who used that CPU cooler in this case.

  6. After looking a few different review of GTX 560 ti in SLI configuration I'm going to say that it might not be a good match for your 620W PSU. A couple of the reviews showed th at when overclocking the CPU and video cards the power draw can be considerably higher than a standard clocked system.
  7. Thanks for the warning WR2. What do you think would be the best wattage system to get for a psu in case I was to get a 560 sli?

    I had a look at some of the pictures of the HAF 912 Advanced. It showed a Cooler Master V6GT in it, and after checking, it appears that the V6GT is just slightly bigger than the Zalman, so hopefully it will be able to support both the cooler and the fan.

    You can have a look at the mentioned picture below,

    It is slightly transparent, so we can see how they fit.........but it does look like it will be a tight fit. Hopefully it doesn't affect the airflow in the casing too much.
  8. Excellent research on the cooler fit check. That's the kind of work that saves you possible head aches during the build.
    And that cooling intake/outlet plan is ideal to get the best cooling possible.

    The other thing to watch out for is tall RAM heatsinks in the vicinity of the heatsink.
    And Im trying to check that now.

    And we can probably find you a good PSU in the 750-850W range that will let you do even more video card overclocking beyond what OC the Galaxy GTX560 White Edition has as standard.

    Just so you know - the current PSU in your list is absolutely fine for just the one GTX 560 ti and all the OC'ing you'd want to do to the CPU and video card.
  9. Here is an example of tall RAM kits having an issue with a big cooler. It's a cooler, RAM and motherboard issue. Not all mother boards are set up the same way. Zalman CNPS 10X Extreme CPU Cooler Review

    To my eye it doesn't look as though the RAM slots on the MSI P67A-GD55 crowd the CPU socket as closely as those in the Intel DX58SO motherboard. I think you'd be OK. And in any case you could install the RAM in slots 2&4 instead of slots 1&3.
  10. Some good PSUs to consider:
    Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 800 W
    CORSAIR CMPSU-850TX 850W or the Corsair HX series 750w/850w
    SeaSonic X750 Gold 750W / SeaSonic X Series X-850 (SS-850KM) 850W
    XFX Black Edition P1-750B-CAG9 750W / XFX Black Edition XPS-850W-BES 850W

    If you find any others locally that you thing are good you can list them for us to check.
  11. Thanks for the great info WR2!

    Yeah! I never would have thought about the room for the RAM had you not mentioned it. I had a looked at both motherboards and when I compared the room available based on the pre drilled holes for the cooler, it looked exactly the same! Which was a bit worrying........then I noticed that the position for the RAM on the DX58SO is different from that of the P67A-GD55.

    Hehe thanks to the Zalman being more wide than on the sides than the front, I think the MSI is safe.

    So a 750 to 850w psu would be right for a sli. I will have a look see at what is offered here, then I will post anything I find back here. But there is a good chance I will stick to the seasonic 620 psu, cause an sli option might only be in the cards in the future.

    Again, thanks for all the great info and advice WR2!! Really appreciate it!
  12. THe dealer has just ran out of Seasonic M12-II 620. Not sure when they will be getting a new batch, but just in case, do you think the Cooler Master Silent Pro M600 would be a good replacement?

    In terms of price over here, they are quite similar, although the Cooler Master is actually a bit more expensive.

    Hopefully they will have the Seasonic M12-II 620 in stock soon.
  13. Coolermaster Silent Pro M600 got a very good review over @ JonnyGuru

    There is also an Antec NEO ECO 620C that's nearly an identical match with the M12, except no modular cables. Eco = comes without AC power cord.
  14. Thanks WR2! At least now if they can't get the Seasonic M12-II 620 in time, I know the Cooler Master Silent Pro M600 will do just as good a job!

    Definitely relieved :D
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