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32GB (4x8GB) & motherboard compatibility

It's been 4 years since I last built a PC so forgive me, I know enough to be dangerous.

My problem is that I want to buy 32GB of RAM (specifically G.SKILL F3-10666CL9S-8GBXL(8Gx1)) for this new system but can't get a definitive answer regarding if the memory is officially compatible with the motherboard I'm getting - an ASUS P8P67 LE.

G.SKILL has a list of Qualified Motherboards right underneath the product on their website and my mobo is listed right there. However, when I talked to ASUS support they said it wouldn't be compatible if it's not on their QVL. But the thing is that I believe that QVL to be a year old. In fact, if you look through the whole list, there isn't one 8GB module listed on there. I asked him how could you possibly get to the 32GB maximum this board supports without ANY 8GB sticks. He didn't know.

So my question is, do I really need to worry about compatibility here? G.SKILL says it works and ASUS does indeed list their 4GB and smaller modules on the QVL.
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    No, I wouldn't worry about what people say is compatible. If the RAM is the right voltage and speed, it should work fine. :)
  2. ^ as above

    As long as the speed and voltage is supported just about any ram is good
    very rarely you will come across ram that will have compatability problems with some Mobo's it's only happened to me once in all my PC builds and it was only a problem because the spd on the ram and mobo wouldn't talk, manually setting it in bios solved it
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  4. Thank you both. As it turned out they were indeed compatible. Well... TWO of them were anyway. Time for an RMA request. :)
  5. Sounds good! Happy you found what you were looking for!
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