Sorry, But Lovin My Mitsu 65" DLP@1920x1080 for PC Gaming!

When it comes to providing a large display PC gaming solution, I am sorry, but I thought I was supposed to hate DLP? That supposedly crappy rotating color wheel? And that horrible, must replace lamp that supposedly grows dimmer over time? :sarcastic:

Well it may come as a surprise to some, bore some others, or maybe tickle a few, but I challenge anyone to provide a better performance solution, all things being equal, for the money. I don't want to toot, but I do have quite extensive pro A/V experience, and I have seen -and tweaked- an awful lot of different displays, projectors, video walls, etc. I've also seen the new LED display and plasma tech, which is impressive- no doubt. But I said "for the money."

And ok, so maybe I got a touch lucky. I picked up a used 65" Mitsubishi DLP HDTV in pristine condition for 400 bucks several months ago. But I had done a little research, and was keeping an eye out for some specific models sporting later generation DLP. It fixed any problems so well, that some people might want to take another look at this option for a display that is not only big, and ultra fast, but offers 3D gaming capability as well. At a price in my opinion that is near untouchable. Especially used.

I have a hunch that because of the first problems DLP had at onset, it lost a lot of potential customers. But to the few that have kept an eye on that tech and how it improved- do you now own a 65736 series or better? If you are, and you spec'd this for computer gaming, I'll bet you are a happy camper if you are feeding it 1920x1080 over HDMI and you have the GPU to handle it?

Cause I have found the DLP is so fast, that even feeding it lower resolutions and it performing scaling in zoom mode, your video source is more likely to lag way before this display ever will. And not only that, but this thing has enough horsepower to process two native 1920x1080 streams for 3D!

60 Hz refresh? Yeah, when you are feeding it 60+ frames per second off a nice GPU(s)? Me likey. A lot. You can keep your 120 Hz and your $3,000 plasmas/LEDs. Nice, just not needed. Really. PC gaming heaven here, not a single prob so far. Full HD 1080p as well for video. No dimming. 100 buck bulb replacement after some 4,000 hours, maybe more. Consistent picture across the screen viewed from center- where you sit. Amazingly light for its size.

I swear, FOR THE MONEY ($400- $750 used), 65", I am convinced you just cannot touch this. Convince me otherwise, cause I am listening! And while you state your response times in milliseconds, I'll be sporting mine in microseconds. :lol:

Just offering up the DLP solution for large screen computer monitoring some more lub from your average geek! :love: :hello:
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  1. Congrats!
    May you tell me your computer specifications?
  2. plznote said:
    May you tell me your computer specifications?

    Oh, now? I am just tickling this beast right now with an old AGP 8x HD 3650. But I didn't buy it for this really, it is for the system I am about to build, based around i7 965, GTX 570, ASUS MB, DDR3 2200, OC to 4 Ghz or so, etc. Then I am really going to see what Black Ops and a few others can do. :whistle:

    But back to the point. Someone find me a better priced and better performing 65" display for less. I am saying all things considered, you just can't do it, IMO. And yes, I have seen this display at 60+ FPS. I have access to better puters since I build for clients- not for long, but for long enough to know this 65" flat out rocks.
  3. Yeha, i don't think anyone can find a better deal for that size...
  4. Your about as excited as I am to try my 10' projection media center for gaming. I'm a few weeks away from having my basement completed and will have logitechs Z5500 speaker system backing it up.

    I've been thinking about it for over a year now and plan to have it completed in January.

    I will have to post some pics when done...
  5. englandr753 said:
    Your about as excited as I am to try my 10' projection media center for gaming. I'm a few weeks away from having my basement completed and will have logitechs Z5500 speaker system backing it up.

    I've been thinking about it for over a year now and plan to have it completed in January.

    I will have to post some pics when done...

    Sounds cool. I'd like to see the projector you plan on for this.

    As cheap as you can get these 65's used (though they are kind of uncommon) I toyed with the idea of three 65" DLP's to run in tri screen mode side by side by side. :bounce: Oh yeah baby. Now we're talking some serious picture immersion. And with the thin bezels, this could just about work, assuming you had the room. But there are resolution per display issues with this setup, and a typical max digital resolution of 2560x1600- not to mention limitations on the resolutions the DLP's will accept. Nvidia's 3D surround mode for three screens could pull this off at the reported 5760 x 1080, effectively delivering three 1920x1080 streams to each 65" DLP.

    I'd have to opt for that setup over a 10' picture unless you've got some very serious cash for a very serious projector. Brightness and native resolution on available projectors will probably get cost prohibitive to achieve 1280 x 1024 with at least 4,000 lumens. And of course the problem is that the bigger the picture, the more advantageous higher resolutions become. At a 10' picture size, 1024 x 768 might look ok for a Powerpoint presentation in a big boardroom, but that's doing a game like Black Ops a disservice. So you might reconsider those native projector resolutions if you are planning a picture that big, if you haven't already.

    3 used 65" DLP's= about $2k. IF you can find em.
    This of course assumes that top picture quality is the goal. On the other hand, many gamers sacrifice picture quality for speed. Been there done that .

    But never EVER listen to a "newcomer" on a forum. :kaola: :lol: Hey, I did earn my one year badge here! I just don't post. I read.
  6. See, this is what I am talking about. Here is latest generation DLP 60" Mitsu, 120 Hz, BRAND NEW, for $379.00!!!! That's just 5 inches less than the one I found used, with twice my 60 Hz, latest Mitsu tech, 3D capable, for less than I payed for mine AND brand new!!!

    Makes me sick I tell ya! :cry: :pfff:

    I don't see how anyone could argue against the bang for the buck that this tech provides. The pictures on these things are incredibly sweet. Gamers, you now have no excuse for teeny 22" displays! :non:

    But go to any metro city and search craigslist for DLP, and just LOOK at those used prices. :pt1cable:
  7. Oh looky... :o All the big bad technogeeks have nothing to say? No one's going to tell me there is better for the money?


    Ok then, it's settled. DLP wins. Face it. Love it. Hate it. Ignore it!

    But when the next person asks what is the best bang for the buck in large display technology at this time, DLP is the answer. And the only answer if you want a 60+ inch HDTV that is faster than anything else, awesome for gaming, and awesome for home theater. And relatively CHEAP!

    And oh, TOM's you need a general display category please. I hated to put this in Graphics Cards because we are talking about displays- but there was nowhere else to put it that I saw.

    And no, I won't put it THERE, so don't get cocky and smart just because you are looking at a $200+ crappy 22" monitor. :lol:

    And have you guys noticed all the cheap receivers available around craigslist now as people try to get HDMI inputs? Why? Cause the smart ones are seeing that with HDMI, Nvidia is now putting a new HD audio driver onboard their cards. I just put in a GTX 570 into a system that had it. And it works! So HDMI out into a receiver with HDMI, and one cable now carries 7.1 surround straight into your receiver! Very cool, and it should have been done years ago.

    I am not clear whether that is just software rendered audio, or whether there is an actual audio chip (hardware) onboard the video card. Anyone know?
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