NZXT LCD sentry 2 Fan Controller help

Hey guys,

i currently built my computer but didnt attach all the connections for the controller as i wasnt quit sure, and i want to fix it up today.
im running a coolermaster cm storm scout and it has 3 fans (2 red clear ones,1 normal one) and a hyper 212+ cpu cooler. the motherboard is a asrock p67 extreme 4.

im wondering:
- with the fan cords (fan1, fan2, fan3 etc) they come with a 3 pin little connector and an bigger cored which i htink is 4 pin size but only 2 silver pins in it. do i only have to plug one of those in for each fan? and where do i plug it into? just into the power supply?

- also, where abouts do i stick the temp probes? and how do i know which fan is fan1, fan2 etc?

and then when all that is done, wht speed should i be running the fans at to make it quieter but still good temp?
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  1. if you have 3 pin sys_fans connectors they should appear in your bios or you can download speedfan then they should appear there.
  2. ok, where do i stick the temperature probes?
  3. the mobo would have sensors on the hardware themselves.

    If you connected the fan to the 3 pin sys_fan connected you could control the speed of the fan.But if you connected it directly to the psu you would let the fans run at full speed.
  4. the fans in the case only have like the 4 pin molex, where they plug into the power supply plugs. so ill have to plug them into the fan controller cords as they cant go anywhere else.

    the temp probes are attached to the lcd fan controller. ill take some pics now and show u what i mean
  5. ok.
    I never used temp probes so show me.
  6. S
    Temp probes (with plastic sleave on) (i have like 5 of these)

    i have roughly 5 cords, and each cord is labeled fan1, fan2 etc like above. and each cord has those 2 connections on it.
    my understanding is that the temp probe goes near the same fan number, and as it gets hotter, the fan near it will go faster depending on the temp
    i have my main fan which i cant control by lcd screen (tho i can in the asrock tuner which it came with):
    -one fan on back panel up top (clear red led one)
    -one top panel far back (same type but black i think)
    - and one front panel down the bottom
  8. ok i checked my comp out more today and took some pics:
    theres a fan to the right which is on the bottom front of the case
    this is the whole case, u can see another clear fan on the top left, and maybe just a black one up the top above the main big fan.
    this is the same top left one as shown in pic above
    the connection on the right is the only connection that the 2 clear fans have, the connection on the right is the one coming from the fan controller.

    i plugged the black fan in (very top one, not main one) cause that had a male and female molex connector and that worked, it changed speed and all so thats good. but what adapter will i need for the smaller ones?(and about how much?)
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