Can't crossfire with my MSI 890FXA-GD70

i hope some one can help me with this.

well to stat pc spec: mobo: MSI890FXA-GD70
CPU: AMD phenom 2 955 black x4 at 4.0ghz
RAM: 2x4gb patriot division 2 DDR3 at 1600mhz
graphics cards: 2x Diamond radeon HD 6870
PSU: corsair TX850
OS: WIN 7 64bit
I will be using the term newer mobo and older mobo a lot so my newer mobo is the MSI 890FXA-GD70 and the older mobo is my MSI 790XT-G45. I just don't wont anybody to get mad or confused and I hope no one takes this the wrong way if so I'm sorry.

Ok so my problem is that my cards will not crossfire and for some odd reason my pci-e lanes are half the speed they should be.
I pulled out my mobo, cards, well, every thing and set it up on my desk to run tests to see whats going on. Its much easier that way than leaving it in the case. At first I thought it was my cards, so I used an older board which is a MSI 790XT-G45 and installed my cards. But I didn't install the ram because the board only suports ddr2. I also installed my OS and all my drivers for the mobo and cards. Then I got the window that lets you enable crossfire. So I got crossfire on that board but not my newer one which is odd. And so my older mobo had the original bios and driver's installed and my newer mobo has all the new drivers and bios version c1 installed. I tested my cards on my older mobo to see if crossfire would enable and it did. So now I know its not my cards or the crossfire bridge.

Now on to the matter at hand. When I try to run crossfire on my newer mobo I do not see my boot screen or the windows loading screen when I power on. It starts to show the picture at the log in screen and when I look at GPU-Z the card that's in PCI-E x16 slot 1 it's running at x8. The second card which is in PCI-E x16 slot 5 which runs at x4. The crossfire tab in ccc is no whers to be found, so I have no clew WTF is going on. I tried all the slots and I cleand all the slots.

I've heard about something with the usb 3.0 doing something to the north bridge, but I don't know. I think its my new bios version c1, but I don't know.

So any help, tips or wisdom would be great. And I appreciate the time you took to read this.
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  1. ok well this odd i just tried pci-e x16 slot 1 and pci-e slot 3 which is x8 and i got it to crossfire. I looked at GPU-Z and both cards are running at x8 2.0 but when i try slot 1 and slot 5 which are both x16 and they should stay x16 in crossfire. ill post the pics of gpu-z E:\card in slot 1.gif
    E:\card in slot 5.gif

    the card in pci-e slot 1 is running at x2 1.1 and the card in slot 5 is running at x8 2.0 so if anybody knows why its doing that please help
  2. E:\card in slot 5.gif E:\card in slot 1.gif
  3. o and one more thing when both cards are in one in pci-e slot 1 and one in pci-e slot 5 i don't see my boot screen or the windows loading screen. At the log in screen the display tern's on
  4. harddrivecrasher said:
    o and one more thing when both cards are in one in pci-e slot 1 and one in pci-e slot 5 i don't see my boot screen or the windows loading screen. At the log in screen the display tern's on


    I got the same issue setting up a card in PCIE_1 and PCIE_5, the system was always booting to PCIE_5 (I have 2 monitors, one on each card) then reverted back properly when in Windows.

    The solution to this issue is to update your BIOS to 1.14, which is currently the latest at this time of writing. After the flash, my motherboard always boot on the PCIE_1.

    I've been telling MSI about it and they were telling me to use VGA on the card that I wanted to boot on... right! It didn't work either as it was a bug in the BIOS and they were telling me BS...

    Nonetheless, I tried to crossfire however GPUZ shows one card with CF enabled and the other one seems disabled. I was thinking that maybe I need to bridges however the Mobo comes only with one.

    Any ideas?
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