Will this wireless card work?

hey guys,

i just got a new computer. the motherboard is a asrock p67 extreme 4. i have a spare wireless card (54mbs 802.11 b/g aircruiser g desktop adapter gn-wp01gs) and i was wondering if it would work/worth it?

or just get a new one? if so what one and how much (i live in aus, so aus site please/free shipping)

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  1. If you have the right slot for it and it hasnt been damaged it will work. Basically you asked if a pci (im assuming) nic will work with your motherboard if you built this computer you should already know the answer to this question.
  2. lol k. just wondering if it was too old or i should just invest in a newer one. i didnt build the comp according to that card. remembered i had it after i did it :P
  3. as above said. if you have the rite slot for it and you can get the drivers for it. there is no reason why it shouldn't.
  4. If this is the Gigabyte Aircruiser, W7 x86/x64 fully compatible, so stick it in.

    Latest Driver @ http://download.gigabyte.eu/FileList/Driver/comm_driver_wireless_all_v.
  5. yeah its a gigabyte one. honestly no idea if its w7 x64 bit compatible. but i will try later.

    thanks guys
  6. its a gn-wp01gs. i chcuked it in and the drivers u gave me were off a diff version.when i tried to enable the adapter it would say enableing, then just still be disabled ill have a look around for this one
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