Can i play any recent high demanding Graphics game on max settings with the amd Sempron 145 with the Sapphire Radeon hd 5570 low profile card
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  1. Sorry, your gpu wouldnt be able to process that high graphic intensive tasks.
  2. can i play with the sempron 145 on medium settings at least???
  3. you should be able to play games with some medium to low settings yes.However this depends entirely on the game.
  4. Also, the resolution makes a huge difference. What size is your monitor?
  5. kajabla said:
    Also, the resolution makes a huge difference. What size is your monitor?

    How are you?
  6. resolution is 1024x768 and my monitor is relatively small at 14.5 inches
  7. you could play some games on medium.
  8. wow. talk about overkill.
    your cpu is just gonna cause no end of problems.
    it really is low grade compared to your gpu and will bottleneck that gpu badly in any game post 2008. getting a stronger cpu and a bigger monitor with a minimum of 12/10 res should be your first priority if you want to play games.

    not being funny m8 but you have a low mid gpu and a very low end cpu.
    its so unbalanced its not even funny. you can up your screen rez to alleviate the bottleneck either. seriously forget about gaming till you can get a better cpu at least.
  9. :lol: I lol at you. Anyway, your Semperion is just an Athlon II X2 with one core disabled. If you have ACC (or some kind of core unlocking) you may be able to unlock the second core and have a dual core CPU. Overclocking it will help as well. If not, then you may want to look at building a new system. A 5570 can do less demanding recent games at medium (it can do a few on high at low res, ie your res) but is likely to be relegated to low settings for more demanding games especially going forward. Even so your single core CPU will slow down a 5570 in most modern games unless you can unlock and overclock it. Upgrade or unlock+overclock your CPU first, then come back.
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