Just Booted My New Build

Im am running a core i7 950 on an ASUS x58 sabertooth motherboard.
In BIOS, none of my devices are being detected on the SATA ports.
They are all plugged in with a SATA data cable and power cable.
I can start a windows installation and then it tells me a required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing.
However when I browse for the driver I can see the blu ray drive I have and the device manual says there
is no need for driver installation. HELP!?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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  1. What type of CD/DVD drive do you have installed?
  2. Its an LG CH10LS20 BD COMBO...I really don't understand because my windows boot disk is in there and it is starting the installation.
    So confused why there is a missing CD/DVD driver.
  3. May I add that the devices are connected to the SATA 6GB/s ports...could this be the problem? Do i need to boot on the 3GB/s SATA ports?
  4. Lets give the 3GB/s ports a shot.
  5. Hmmm. But both devices, hard drive and cd drive are detected during POST
  6. Detected is a hardware thing. Software is a driver thing.
    6GB/s DVD drivers? may not be there in the Win install disk.
  7. ahh well I'm changing it over now...will let you know. My first build has taught me so much!!!
  8. It's always an eye-opening experience.
    And when everything goes right - amazingly easy.

    But you only have to browse the forum here to know it doesn't always go easy.
  9. Well that was a waste of time...I moved by blu ray drive to SATA 3GB/s, same problem.
    So I moved my hard drive to 3GB/s as well, same problem.
    All that happened was the windows setup loaded slower from the 3GB/s port.
    What now?
  10. Both drives are now detected in BIOS
  11. Do i need to download a driver from somewhere!!? maybe for my motherboard or something....I am clueless
  12. What kind of disc/software did you get with the Blu-Ray player?
  13. Any special installation instructions in the Blu-ray player manual?
  14. It says "no driver installation is required for this hardware" in the manual. I followed the instructions on the manual to the letter. I even looked for drivers on the software it came with just in case but there was none to be found.

    Anyway, some progress, as an electronic engineering student I am a member of the microsoft msdn e-academy which means free windows 7. However it looks like when i downloaded the .iso something must have gone wrong because it is only 1GB in size? So I have requested an additional download...hopefully that will work. No wonder drivers are missing if all the code wasnt there!!!

    I'll let you know if this solves the problem
  15. You might just have broken the code there.
    Should be somewhere between 2.5 and 3GB I believe.
  16. My Win7 64bit Home Premium is right at 3.0GB
  17. Thanks for your help....now I am bored waiting for windows 7 and just want to run my new PC!!!!!!!

    A quick question, In my BIOS it only lists SATA ports 1 to 6 which are all SATA 3GB/s, but not the two 6GB/s ports. Do you think this can be changed in a BIOS update?
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