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I bought my self a Cooler Master Haf X case and bought an extra 200mm fan. When i go to install in on the the brackets on the top i can not close the top of the case. I noticed that the USB 3.0 cables got in the way. I was wondering if there is a way to install this fan on top of the computer. I gave up after and hour. While i am here i post what else is in my new build. I just have questions on the ram or anything else you notice that might work well.
Haf X
After market Fan
Mother Board
p8p67 Deluxe
Sorry no link do to recall
I would like to go with Corsair or patriot and about 8gigs
After Market CPU cooler

Let me know what you think and how to install that fan on top of the case. If you would like photos i could try to post them tomorrow i have work for the next 24hours :hello:
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    Hello mossie;
    Run by the CM forums and see what other HAF-X owners are doing for their cases.
  2. I found what i was looking for there thanks for the advice
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