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Powercolor HD 4670 GPU Temperature.

i've had a recent issue with my hard drive that made me open up my Computer case and i noticed that my GFX card is quite hot so i looked it up and used a program called GPU-Z, after leaving the PC open for about 2 days and downloading GPUZ the gpu temp registered at around 74-75 degrees Celsius after a 15 minute break and rebooting it registered at 55 degrees, at the moment with no games on just skype and a few other programs running the gpu temp is 67 degrees C. the gpu temp#1 is 68 the gpu temp #2 is 65 degrees C and fan speed is at 68%. Note that i live in Egypt but currently its a bit cold [room temp is around 10 degrees C]
My question is as follows, is this kind of temperature normal for my Card or should i be worried ?
Thanks in advance =)

Edit: After playing a game for about an hour its now registering 83C
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  1. You forgot to give us a critical piece of information here: What exactly is the graphics card you are using? It seems to be a dual-gpu or CF/SLI configuration.

    Does your case have good ventilation? You should make sure that airflow is good inside the case to lower temperatures. However, 67C is too high to be an idle temperature, especially since the room temperature is 10C as you say. Check your case for dust or anything that impedes airflow. Also, check if the fans, especially the GPU fan, are working.
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    Sorry I missed the post title. 67 is definitely too high to be the idle temperature of a 4670.
  3. so is there any thing i can do to lower it ? i havent cleaned the casing in a few weeks i'll do that tonight and see if it helps. now what i really need to know is when does it become critical? Since i tried playing a game "Blazing angels II " By ubisoft and the highest temp recorded then was 94c and it kinda freaked me out xD
    so questions are if cleaning out the computer casing doesnt help, is there anything i can do or i should just wait for the gfx card to die ?
    thanks for the response =)
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    The max temps for GPUs are higher than CPUs. GPUs can go higher than 100C actually. They shut off at 119 (or 120). However, the 4670 should go as high as 94C. Again, check if the GPU fans, if your card has them, are working. It could also be that the GPU cooler has come loose. Reapplying the cooler is not something most people can do, so hopefully that isn't the case. It will also void your warranty if you still have it.
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