Robots vs. Cyborg/Scavs question

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In the game I'm playing, i have a minor problem:

The cyborg and scavengers, who are allied and across the galaxy from me
(mean distance 1500lys) can see most of my ships as unknown contacts.

The privateer and Lizard neighbors who are only 650lys away, see nothing.

What gives?
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    The Borg and/or Scavengers have all three scanning exotics on and their
    entire fleet on long range scanners.

    The Privateers and Lizards seem to have at most the first scanning
    exotic on. Or perhaps their closer ships to you are on passive scanners
    since they have cloakers and semi-cloakers.
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    I believe that is a long standing bug that no one has yet found.
    But it does not appear in every game.
    It only appears under a specific set of conditions.
    I believe the sharing of contact info triggers this bug somehow.
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    well i guess this is related.

    I am ally to player A which is allied to player B
    I am at war with player C which is allied to player D

    I now can see everything they have ...
    INCLUDING docked wings
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