Xps 720 attempting Q6700 OC

Hey guys hows it going? Im sorta new to the whole overclocking thing. I went to my bios and turned "PERFORMANCE APPLICATION SUPPORT" "ON" so I would be able to OC the Q6700. I read on multiple forums about people OC'ing their Q6700, for some reason in my bios it says "LOCKED" near the clock speed.

Could someone shed some light on this? It seems the Q6700 CAN be OC'ed but for some reason its locked.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I would also like to add the clock speed is indeed an ADJUSTABLE setting, but it wont even let me select that "entry". Its highlighted in a different color meaning it can be edited, but it seems to block it because its locked.
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  1. Read your manual to figure out what setting you need to change so that you can adjust the CPU values. It's not Performance application support. If you read what your bios says about that, you'll see (reading from your pic as best I can) "Enables software applications to display *** key system parameters to tune system performance. These applications (?) are not installed or supported by Dell."

    Sounds like to me its something that allows adjustments or monitor settings from inside of windows, not what allows you to change bios settings.

  2. Check it out, it really seems like that IS indeed the setting that enables overclocking of the CPU. If you cant read that let me know, I dont mind typing it up.
  3. From the first pic I wasn't sure if it just said display, or if modify was also included. Hence my use of ***. It also still says "software applications", not the bios. There is a different field you need to adjust if you want to do it in bios.

    Though I don't use Dells, so I could be wrong.
  4. this might answer some of your questions
    give that FAQ a good read
    and see if it helps :)
  5. looks like you can use Nvidia Ntune (google-free from nvidia I think)
    to possibly OC
  6. Change the overclock settings of the processor using the the BIOS
    * Restart the computer
    * Press F2 when the the Dell splash screen is visible
    * At the System Setup screen, press the Down-Arrow key to highlight Performance
    * Press Enter
    * At the Performance options, press the Down-Arrow key to highlight Advanced
    * Press Enter
    * At the Overclocking option, press the Down-Arrow key to highlight the field next to Performance Application Support
    *Press the Down-Arrow key to change the field to ON
    * Press the Right-Arrow key to highlight the field next to Processor Clock Speed
    * Press the Down-Arrow key to select the desired processor speed
    * Press the Enter key to accept the changes
    * Press the Esc key
    * Highlight Save/Exit using the right-arrow
    * Press Enter to restart the system

    I pulled out the following from your link, thats speaks of the field that I have the screenshot of. Unfortunately I cannot edit that processor clock speed like he is instructing.

    Thanks a ton for the help so far guys, If you have any other ideas...please dont hesitate to post them. I tryed ntune, but whenever I check the clock speed it restart my pc instantly and restores it to the prior speed.
  7. Messed with ntune a bit went to 2.9Ghz. When I got there I hit apply and restarted my pc. The processor clock speed resets itself to default. Am I using ntune incorrectly?
  8. Might need to make it a startup program
    should be some choice in options to run at startup
  9. No luck on running it on startup ;(.....anyone else have any other ideas?
  10. Updated bios might help.

    What were the settings you were using? It probably had issues because something was off.
  11. Tomorrow I will list my settings for the entire bios, kinda late tonight. Thanks a ton for all the help.
  12. We don't need all the bios options, we need to know what settings Ntune is using. Its probably using a wrong one. A detailed list of parts in the computer is also needed.
  13. wait is this a dell? If so you cant oc it.
  14. christop said:
    wait is this a dell? If so you cant oc it.


    Anonymous said:
    It seems the Q6700 CAN be OC'ed but for some reason its locked.

    You need an Extreme chip ( "unlocked" multiplier ) to be able to overclock in the bios.
    You need better memory than the Dell oem chips to have a chance at a stable overclock when using software.
  15. I am going to make a suggestion that I might get yelled at for

    What i did with my Dell to overclock it was to do a BSEL Pin Mod
    link here

    It involves using a circuit writing pen (bought mine at RadioShack $10)
    You use the pen to "draw" a jumper from one pad to another on the CPU
    It will "bootstrap" or raise your FSB

    In my case I had a 800/1066 MHz FSB so I changed my
    E4500 2.2/800 FSB to 2.93/1066 FSB
    It has been running cool and stable for over a month 24/7
    Before that I had a E4300 1.8/800 at 2.4/1066 running 24/7 for 4 months

    The mod seems scary but it is not
    Looking at the specs of your XPS 720

    I am pretty sure your motherboard supports 1333mhz FSB
    If you did the mod
    Your chip
    has a stock 10 x 266 = 2.66 setting
    with the mod you would have
    10 x 333 = 3.33 GHZ
    there is a possibility it might need a voltage mod
    I doubt it

    With a steady hand you draw the jumpers
    then let it dry for over 2 hours or more
    then reinstall using a good thermal paste
    instructions here
    might be a different heatsink/fan
    refer to Dell docs for removing the assembly

    then apply paste

    Artic Silver 5 is a easy to get and proven paste
    though there are newer and better pastes out now
    MX-4 is good for Artic Silver
    Tuniq makes some great pastes

    as long as you are careful not to jump the wrong CPU pads by accident
    (use magnifying glass if you have to)
    then the worst that would happen is you wouldnt POST/Boot
    but you could clean the jumpers off the CPU with Isopropyl Alcohol (70% or better)
    and it should boot up no problem
    Be careful not to get any in pins in LGA775 socket
    good idea to blow out socket with hair dryer or canned air

    I have done this successfully and have read of many others doing it

    hopefully you would end up with a C2Q @ 3.33/1333 FSB which would be a big

    Do this at your own risk
    With any modification there is a risk you have to accept
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