Power supply blew


My power supply made a loud pop and I smelt faint smoke but did not see any :sweat: . I unplugged it , reset the cmos and put in an old psu. Works fine. I'm glad it didnt ruin the processor/mb. I've been experimenting overclocking today on my pc. I was overclocking my amd 2, 450 (3.2ghz) to (3.7ghz) I also had the v-core upped some (which was probably stupid).

The power supply was this one:


I'm not trying to bash this ps, because it ran great before I overclocked that high, and even worked up to 3.6mhz. It was mostly my fault

But you should be careful of overclocking on a cheap power supply, and I'm getting a corsair or a good quality one soon.

Has anyone ever been harmed from something like this happening?

Sorry if this type of post has been done before, but I had to get this off my chest.
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  1. I'm also not trying to make this sound like an advertisment for corsair (kinda sounds like it haha)
  2. I hope you meant Ghz rather then Mhz for your processor clock ;)
    In have seen up close from a friend that also his psu got fried and took along his mainboard, memory and videocard.
    Stay away from el cheapo psu's !!
  3. Oops, I'm so use to looking at the cpuid things that show the mhzs, I messed it up.
  4. There is also lots of lightning in the sky right now. Don't think there was when it blew though, just weird.
  5. Stuff like this always happens with these PSU's that are made from nothing more than recycles tin cans and 2 cheap AA batteries.
    They blow all the time. Read some recent reviews on some generic cheapo PSU, the results were shockingly bad!

    A 750w psu was loaded to 200w and it couldnt even take that much so it blew.

    I built an I7 rig when it first came out, nice and expensive. Made the mistake of buying a cheap PSU.
    Worked for a day then one day it shut off, took out 1 of my X fired 4890's and my mobo.

    If you value your components, always go with a good brand such as corsair etc etc.
  6. dhicks19 said:
    Stuff like this always happens with these PSU's that are made from nothing more than recycles tin cans and 2 cheap AA batteries.

    You really made my day there :D
  7. soest009 said:
    You really made my day there :D

    lol putting a little sunshine in your life
  8. I got shocked once when i switched my computer off by its power switch on the PSU, loud crack and lots of shards into my hand. Had pins and needles in my hand for ages, not much damage to me apart from my ego as i looked a total tw**.

    That was a corsair PSU but it was at the end of its life but at least it didnt take any of my other parts with it.
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