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I bought a UPS. Its a Power Tree brand one. model s650b but i cant find how to connect it to cpu for interactions. There is this telephone ports for whatever reason i dont understand .

I need the cpu to automatically shut down when there is a power outage. and by some miracle, turn it on automatically
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  1. As with buying any component a little research is required on your part.
    To be blunt i've never heard of Power Tree, looks like crap to me after a quick google.
    180 joule protection! seriously mine has 10x that.
    If you had bothered to do any research you'd have quickly realized that. APC,Cyberpower,Belkin,and TrippLite are the most widely known/used.
    You would also know that spending $100 would get you a reliable unit that has a replaceable battery and application software.
    And yeah that's for exactly what it says it's for.
    What don''t you understand?
    Lots of people have phones and all-in-one fax/printers.
    caveat emptor!
  2. The telephone ports in your UPS are for protection of your line agaisnt power discharges, and such.

    I connect the internet DSL cable into the UPS, then from the UPS I connect a cable to the internet supply´s modem.
  3. Unfortunately I don't think this UPS has anyway to automatically turn off your computer, it is lacking a way to connect it to your computer. Normally there is a management port that goes to your computer, but the manufacture lists no such port on there website.
    Also to the best of my knowledge no UPS will turn back on your computer, at least not in the consumer category, that is more of a server thing.
    Good luck
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