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Howdy all,

Looking for a little bit of help, Basic short story, I like to play WoW and have been able to play all the way through Wotlk. However with the new system requirements my Comp will no longer support WoW Cata. I read the article that was posted on MMO Champion and figured what better place to have someone help me out.

My comp specs are as follows

Model: Dell Inspiron 530

Processor: Intel Pentium Dual CPU E2200 @2.20ghz

Memory: 2.00GB

System 32 bit

Power supply: 300w

Currently right now I have just been using the stock Intel G33/G31 Express Chipset Family. It has worked to some standards, though not great it has done the job until now. I would prefer not buying a new computer since I just recently bought one for work and would just like to upgrade this one for a reasonable cost. Gaming is fun but it does not need to cost an arm and a leg.

I plan on upgrading the memory to 4GB since it is relativly cheap to do so. However I am looking for a card that is agreeable with my system. Having just 300 watt power supply limits my options. I would really appreciate any advice anyone can give me.

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    NVIDIA GeForce GT 240
    ATI RADEON HD 5670

    These two cards are the best choice for your PC (considering your PSU). The HD 5670 is recommende to run on a 400W PSU, but it can only use a maximum of 75W by itself, because it has no power connector. The GT 240 is recommended a 300W PSU, so it would officialy be safer than a HD 5670. The HD 5670 is better than GT 240 in graphics performance, but GT 240 has CUDA technology, which runs some processes without the CPU (like video editting and stuff like that), so the overall performance of your PC would be better than with a HD 5670. The GT 240 is a bit cheaper, as well. Anyway, your choice.
  2. Yup, GT240 and HD5670 are your choice, they're perform similar (HD5670 is a little bit faster), you should have no problem running either of them on your 300W PSU. :)
  3. hd 5670 rocks,its a great budget gpu,hd 5670 for life:D
  4. I appreciate the help. I just purchased a NVIDIA GeForce GT 240 since it runs in compliance with my power supply.
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