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My company is looking for an "external" NIC card(PCI only) that is faster than the NIC built into the motherboard(10/100). Apparantly, the speed is closer to 10 than 100. I looked at "external" NIC cards and most have fiber optic ability and we are using just the regular ethernet cable(Cat 5e). The card is going to be installed into regular DELL tower units. Any suggestions would be great.


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  1. Any Realtek or Intel based Gigabit PCI will do just fine.

    If your network is definately setup for 100Mbps, check your existing cards configuration, it could be set to 10Mbps rather than autonegotiation or set it to 100Mbps Full Duplex and see what happens.
  2. Dont start with the cards in the PC/servers.

    Get your data network tested. If the infrastructure isn't there, then you can spend millions (figuratively speaking) on NIC cards and see no change.

    Just look for a local data engineer with a calibrated fluke tester and ask him to test your network. This will then result in printable results you can read, that show cable length, quality etc.. and more importantly SPEED!

    If you need any help on this let me know as i organise such tests and installs for a living :D
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