GTX460 Faulty Card?

Hi I recently built my first ever PC and have been wondering if there is a problem with my EVGA GTX 460 SC. EVGA precision says that my card is at 40 degrees idle and around 99 degrees at around 60% usage? Is this a problem with the card or is the model actually this incredibly hot?
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  1. The GTX 460 is not supposed to run at 99 degrees at 60% usage(not even at 100% load). What about the PSU? did you connect the required two 6-pin connectors to the GTX 460? If so, it is a faulty card, I guess.
  2. Have you tried another software to monitor your card temps?
    Use GPU-Z:

    What is your PSU? brand? model?
    Case? normal/micro ATX?
  3. Another one bites the dust, I hate how people treat their hardware like it was some crappy dvd player <.<

    Clean the card if you have been using it for several months and keep the fan speed up as it is not just the core of the card that needs to be kept cool but the vram and power vrm. If allowed to overheat for long periods of time the card will eventually fail.
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