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I have an acer extensa E420 desktop pc. I was wondering what was the maximum size of graphic card i could fit in the case.
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  1. Here is the manual for your computer:

    It has a 300 Watts PSU. An add-on Graphics card with 512 MB memory needs a minimum of 300 Watts, 18 Amps on the 12 volt rail. This is cutting it too close.

    You will be able to install a 256 MB Graphics card. Some examples of cards:
  2. A HD5670 512mb or a HD4650 1gb would both work fine
    very low powered cards
    I have read of HD5670 running on 250w
    HD5670 is about 65-70 watts max
    and the HD4650 is about 55-60 watts max
    neither one needs external power connector
    I have a HD4650 1gb in a Dell with a 280w power supply
    Plan on getting the HD 5670 this month

    Just dont get too crazy with multiple hard drives and dvd burners
  3. :o I place an order for an HD 6950 already. What do i do?

    By the way I was referring to the length of the card. Do you know if that card will fit in that case?
  4. Those cards are very long..
    It should fit.
  5. if i am correct your depth should be around 400mm.You might have to sacrifice a hdd.But i think it should fit.I am not saying it would but base on everything i have seen yes it should.
  6. depends on the physical size of the case what cards you can put in... smaller cases, smaller cards... simple really...

    Width 183 mm; Depth 455 mm; Height 370 mm .
    it should be able to fit every card out atm but as above said you will have to sacrifice at least 1 drive bay.
  7. My school computer labs are full of that Acer model, and I doubt a 6950 would fit.
    If you ordered the card already, you might as well order a new PSU, a new case to fit in the card, a new mobo since your pc's mobo probably doesn't have a x16 lane. and a new cpu to balance out the bottleneck. You might as well just build a new PC, or get rid of the 6950 and get one of those crappy cards from Ubrale's list
  8. Even if your card does fit, your pc won't run with a 6950 because of PSU problem.
  9. szbxa said:
    Even if your card does fit, your pc won't run with a 6950 because of PSU problem.

    yes.. you would need a 550w for an ati hd6950.
  10. will be getting a corsair cx600 psu
  11. alright..
    Does your mobo have a pcie lane?
  12. gamer3d said:
    will be getting a corsair cx600 psu

    The Corsair CX 600 is on sale today at Newegg for $36.99 (after MIR) under "Shell Shocker" deals - starting at 4:00 PM PDT.
  13. ghnader hsmithot said:
    Does your mobo have a pcie lane?

    Yes. I have a rs780hvf motherboard
  14. gamer3d said:
    Yes. I have a rs780hvf motherboard

    Then all is set.If there are problems encountered then please dont hesistate to ask.
    And i vote Ubrales gets best answer.
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