Bios upgrade for M2N78-LA (Violet) MOBO

Can anyone tell me where to find/download the most current/correct bios upgrade for M2N78-LA (Violet) MOBO. I'm running a HP P6228p desktop with Win7 64bit Home Premium. Since the bios upgrade that HP sent out last summer (5.16?), the cpu fan goes off racing like a jet engine even when the PC isn't being used. To my knowledge, HP has never sent out another bios upgrade to address the problems they created on this MOBO with their bios upgrade, and they (HP) offer no way to restore to the older bios level..
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  1. I'll start looking, but it's safer to use a fan controller than try a retro bios flash. You can get a zalman "fanmate" series rpm adjuster for around $7 at frys, if your board bios has no smartfan settings.
  2. OK. I'm pretty much a rookie & I don't know how to tell whether my board has smartfan settings.
  3. To enter the bios, use the "del" on the lower right side of your keyboard just before the post screen appears. Then search the bios files one by one until you find "smartfan" and enable it. If you don't find it, exit without saving. If you do find it and change the setting to enable, then use the "save and exit" option or simply press f10.
  4. OK - I told you I am a rookie. Is the "post" screen the 1st screen that appears when booting - before the Windows starting screen appears? So in other words, do I tap the "del" key prior to anything at all appearing on the monitor after I hit the power on button? And when you say "bios files" do you mean bios display/update screens?
  5. Yes. Press the "del" key just after you turn on the system. Press it gently two or three times until the blue bios screen appears with the bios sections listed. Some are gray in the background.
  6. The "delete" key did nothing. F10 got me into the bios screens. In the bios screens there were tabs for Main, Advanced, Power, Boot, and Exit, and I looked at all of them. None of the screens mentioned anything about a fan, so I hit Escape and got out. So I guess I have no control over any fans. I did notice the other day when I had the case open that my PC has 2 fans. One fan is on the big block that cools the CPU. The other fan appears to suck in air from outside the case (or vs. versa). I cleaned out the dust from inside the case and the fans by use of a can of compressed air. I have not since heard the whining fan sound, but I expect that "fix" will be temporary.
    You may have noticed that I posted another problem/question about my newly added Sabrent PCI USB3 2 port card running at almost USB2 speed. While I was in the bios today I listed the USB entries. A few low-numbered entries showed things like the USB mouse and the UPS, but most entries were empty. However I did notice that USB port 8 showed as "USB2.0-CRW Generic". Is that maybe why my new USB3 card is not running much faster than USB2? In Windows device manager I simply can't tell what's what under the list of USB stuff. Some are obvious, like the Logitec camera and the mouse, but other things don't appear to give a clue what they are.
  7. FYI - Sabrent support sent me a link to what they said is the most current USB3 driver and suggested I install it to fix USB speed problems etc. The install went perfectly as far as I could tell, but now my PC locks up with a blank monitor screen within a couple of minutes after rebooting, and it has to be powered down using the power button. BTW, I unplugged all USB devices except the USB2 mouse prior to rebooting and doing the driver upgrade install. I asked in my Sabrent support case for them to help me fix the new problem but up to now they have not responded in any way. Here are links to my open issues with Sabrent and sevenforums in case any of you PC-smart people have a solution for me...

    At this point I am afraid to do a system restore because I'm afraid the PC will lock up part way through and leave a completely trashed machine. What to do?
  8. I would start by removing your new usb card and reboot, then backup your old system files using windows 7. I believe you can create a dvd or simply save the files on a separate partition on your hardrive. Then if you haven't done so, install windows 7 service pack one under "windows update". It fixes alot of issues, but I don't know where the problem is with your usb card. You can also check windows device manager for any conflicts, which show up with a mark next to the device driver.
  9. o1die,
    My PC is at W7 Home Premium 64bit SP1 with all Windows Updates applied.

    I have run W7 Backup every week since I bought my USB2 Iomega external HD a couple of years ago. I back up most all the files listed under my logon/user name AND also the Backup creates a large "system image" - so I assume I have everything backed up that I should. But the problem with that is that all my backed up data is on shakey/broken USB - is that right?

    I don't have another partition on my internal HD - only the 2 original partitions that were on the HD when I bought it - one for Windows? and the C drive that holds everything else. I don't think that W7 Backup will let me create a backup on the C drive. BTW, my internal HD is less than half full, I believe.

    What about System Restore - isn't that what is recommended for backing off software changes like a bad driver install? I noticed some time ago that Restore Points were being created fairly often, like sometimes when Windows Update would run. I might have tried W7 System Restore already but I was afraid the PC might lock up in the middle of the restore and screw up everything.

    Windows Device Manager looked perfect after installing the bad driver update and before rebooting following the driver update. I can't remember if I looked at device manager following the reboot after doing the driver update- but I can reboot now and try to look at Device Manager before the PC locks up again if you want me to - do you?

    Before running the driver update I unplugged all my USB devices except the USB2 mouse which is plugged into one of the mother-board USB2 ports. I have not plugged any USB devices back in since the USB driver upgrade ran. Should I get and plug in a non-USB mouse and remove the USB mouse before rebooting?

    Should I ?
    1. Remove the USB3 card
    2. Boot into Safe Mode
    3. Run System Restore from the last restore point before the USB Driver Update

    Or, should I carry the PC to the local PC repair shop before I screw things up even worse?

    Thanks in advance for your your help - no one else has responded to my other postings (including Sabrent Support who directed me to the "bad" USB driver).
  10. Is it worth it to go to the local pc shop? This may sound silly but I doubt they can do much for your usb card if you can't get it working. They could actually screw up your file system worse than you. Your three listings are as good as any for a starting point. Definately remove the usb 3.0 card for starters and start up your system to see how far you get. I don't know if you can run system restore in safe mode; never tried it. If you have a windows dvd, then use system restore only on the external drive if possible. It should run in usb 2.0. The main question is do you need usb 3.0 right now, or are you just looking for more speed? If all your devices work in usb 2.0, then the card may not be worth using on your current board. I have usb 3.0 ports on my new board, and haven't used them yet.
  11. Well, I already stopped by the local shop & he's having his tech come by my house to see what can be done. My main issue to the guy is that I get a machine back that really is the same except that it no longer has USB3 or any problems. The PC had no problems prior to installing he latest driver from Sabrent support.
    I own no USB3 devices at present but I did plan on upgrading to a USB3 external drive when I caught one on a good sale. So much for that plan. I wonder whether a Western Digital (WD) USB3 card, WD USB3 driver, and WD external HD would work on my PC - or whether it would just crash my PC again. At this point, I just feel snakebit.

    As to system restore, I think it runs off the restore points that W7 creates on my internal hard drive. Supposedly, I get to choose which restore point I want to restore to, so logically I would choose the last one that W7 created prior to the date/time I installed the "bad" driver.i
  12. Local tech guy came to my house and fixed the problem (and cleaned up some other stuff on the PC) for $49. He actually booted into safe mode and changed some stuff and I think he actually installed the USB3 driver from the mini CD that came with the USB3 card. The info of the driver now installed (from the CD) is v1.06.3. Sabrent's latest (and bad ) driver is V1.14.4 11/22/2011. The previous "good" driver I had installed from Sabrent's web site was V1.12, I think.
  13. This from Sabrent tech support:

    Date: 2012-01-29 20:01:08
    Name: HelpDesk

    Basically our card is not ouputting the minimum amount of power during the sleep phase to keep the drive connected so that once it awakes it can send the rest of the power to fully power the drive. Your USB 2 ports on your motherboard ARE outputting the minimum required during sleep. From what we gather it is a bug with the ASMedia chip on the card.

    As for your other issue, the driver i provided is the latest ASMedia driver available for the chip on this card. We have used this driver on multiple machines and have not once encountered the issue you did. This also goes for the firmware update.

    I am sorry that you had to spend money to fix the issue with your machine, but the only thing i can recommend is that you stick with the currently installed and properly functioning driver.
  14. You're fortunate to find an affordable tech that knows his stuff. Alot of them don't. Glad it's working now.
  15. Ya - a couple of days ago I was in Frys and I walked up to that long counter behind which a bunch of techs were working on a bunch of computers. One of the techs walked up to me at the counter and I told him what was going on with my PC and asked him for a suggestion on what I should try - system restore or whatever. His eyes just kind of glassed over and he said I could bring in my PC and they could check to see if there might be some hardware problem. Jeez.
  16. I think I'll try to add the Western Digital 2-port PCIx-USB3 card which supposedly uses NEC chips rather than ASMedia chips. Amazon reviews of the WD card were pretty good. But the current price for this card on Amazon is almost $38, so I think I'll wait for a sale or a price drop.
  17. I installed a WD PCI-USB3 card. It installed and runs OK but it did not fix the problem of my external HD going into Windows AutoPlay when the PC awakes from sleep mode. I have a case open with WD about that problem but I doubt there is a fix. If I manually put the PC into Sleep Mode and then wake it up a few minutes later, there is no problem. If the PC spends the night in Sleep Mode, the AutoPlay problem shows up when I wake up the PC in the morning. I have not tried to determine the amount of Sleep Mode time it takes for the problem to happen..
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