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Hello,my geforce 7300 512mb hangs if im playing games
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  1. Have you checked the temperatures?
  2. Does it do it on all games?
    Does it do it after an hour, 2 hours, or random?

    What games do you have?
  3. Post your specs, and monitor your temps using Hw monitor-
  4. yes,,,i'm replaced it with bigger heatsink its about 50c-60c but it will hang.......
  5. Still no specs - How do you want us to help ?
  6. core 2 quad 2.20 ghz
    video card=geforce 7300 gt ddr2 512mb
    mobo=asrock wolfdale 1333/667

    ,,,when im playing games its about 5 mins it will hang.
  7. Have you got the latest drivers?
  8. It may be due to drivers as tamz said, or ram problem. MAke sure you remove your drivers, clean registry then reinstall latest one. If still nothing try with only a stick of ram at a time or run memtest..
  9. i tried to transfer my video card to another pc but still it will hang,,,,and also replacing the driver but nothing happen.

    but if i will reduced the pci ex frequency on the bios setting about 90..
    i can use it i think in 24 hours.but it is slow!
    sorry for my old video card.no budget!
  10. Are you sure its not overheating ?
    Also, make sure the gpu is free from any dust particles, this greatly affects it, i had this problem on my old 9600 gt..
  11. ....yes,,,its absolutely clean!!
    i think its time to find a new video card.
  12. Well your gpu, is kind of outdated, a new gpu, gtx 460, ati 6850 will be very nice for gaming..
    A ram upgrade to 4gb would be recommended too, and what is your psu ?
  13. INTEL 500 WATTS.
  14. more details abt the psu will be necessary-
  15. ...24 pin 500watts ordinary,,,,why?
  16. Then there is a psu upgrade needed if you want to run any of the performing graphics card, a major brand like Cm, corsair...
  17. what is the performance of GEFORCE 210?
  18. Is not meant for gaming, its more like a HTPC card meant for video playback.
  19. ^^ pretty low end. For gaming a more powerful card is needed as i posted above-
  20. The problem was solved!! I re-heated the video card's chipset and added some flux with the heatgun. thanks for your help guy's.
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