Need advice/help regarding GTX 460 GS vs. GTX470 Super OC

if I could ask a few minutes from you lovely experts about 2 video cards that I am torn between...
here they are:


PCI-E GIGABYTE GeForce GTX470 Super OC, 1280MB DDR5, HDMI, DualDvi, HDTV

my question for all of you is... which one should I get?which one is ''better'' when these two are compared?which one would you choose if you were in my position and why?

thank you!
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  1. Well, straight away, i would say go for the Gigabyte-
    2 gb is not needed for a gpu. You will be fine with the gigabyte one.
  2. whats the purpose of the card? for gaming 2 gigs on a 460 is a complete waste, so i'd say go with the 470

    however if you are using for cuda you might actually utilize the 2 gigs and make it a much closer battle
  3. Unless you're using the video card for a specialty task, the answer is pretty simple in my mind. The GTX 470 is faster than a GTX 460. Plus, as others already stated, 2GB of VRAM is pointless unless you're playing at 2560+ resolutions anyhow. So paying anything above the average GTX 460 price on that 2GB model is a waste of cash.

    Again, the GTX 470 is the obvious choice if you want faster performance.
  4. thank you all for answering/replying!
    you helped me a lot :) ...and I mean it!

    I will go then for the PCI-E GIGABYTE GeForce GTX470 Super OC, 1280MB DDR5, HDMI, DualDvi, HDTV, since I will be using the LCD SAMSUNG P2370HD (full HD, 1920x1080) on it... what I ment to say is playing all the new video games on that monitor/resolution...

    thank you again! :hello:
  5. The Gigabyte GTX 470 SOC is a very special card.

    Although, the photo you posted is of a regular Gigabyte GTX 470, which is a reference model.
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