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I can't seem to set my memory voltage to 1.8v the lowest setting is 1.95. All the ddr2 memory seems to be 1.8v? I installed 2 x 2gb Komputerbay memory it run for a while then just blue screened and won't turn on. The only thing I can think of is memory voltage. also what is the 5-7-7-25. Replies in idiot proof if possible as I am new to all this. thanks in adavnce
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  1. Only biostar can help you. Request an service ticket (tech support) even if the board is out of warranty. If you don't find a manual setting to lower the ram voltage, then a newer or older bios version may be required, or a different brand of memory. I had two of those boards (frys combo deals). Never had this problem; you may have a bad ram stick; try one stick at a time and run memtest to check for errors.
  2. I have tried 1 stick at a time in each socket to eliminate that mate. Where do i get memtest from and can I run it from a usb drive? I am wondering if I have damaged the memory by running it at a higher voltage but i am struggling to find any ddr2 that runs at 1.95v or higher. I will raise a ticket though to see if they have any ideas.

    Thank you for your help
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