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GTX 460 (768 Meg) to a 6850 worth $55

I can get a GTX 460 (768 Meg) for $130 after MIR or a 6850 for $185. Would the difference in the cards be worth $55?

I do most of my gaming at a 720p resolution. My PC is a Phenom II x2 @3.3 ghz.
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  1. Not at all.Keep your card
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    the GTX 460 768mb is more than enough for 720p... you'd want a card /w 1gb memory if you played 1080p + up...

    the R6850 is the better card... but @ 720p you'll be fine... and $55 is a great save

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  3. 6850 is slower than 5850.
    So, going from GTX460 to 6850 is not worth at all, keep your card, buddy. :)
  4. Thanks for the replies.

    I don't have either of these cards yet. I currently have a 512mb 3870 that I'm moving to secondary PC, but it sounds like the $55 difference isn't worth it. I have my PC hooked up to a 720 TV, so I don't have much need of higher res in the foreseeable future.
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