Please confirm final build

Ready to order but wanted one more check to make sure I'm not missing anything vital and didn't select any incompatible items. Thanks in advance.
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  1. You don't need a 750w psu to run two of those cards. A decent 650w will do just fine and give you juice to spare. Also maybe look into a larger case if you do plan on running two of those cards and adding an after market heat sink.

    CM 690 would be in your price range, much larger, and has the blue LED fans. I believe it's on sale atm @ newegg

    Look @ Antec, XFX, and Corsair for a decent 650w psu on the cheap.
  2. It's a good list. Everything is compatible.
    You can skip the extra case fan. You probably won't need it even if you add a 2nd 6850 in the future.
    No problem dropping down a PSU size with a high performance 650W gaming PSU.
  3. Thank you both SO much. I did change to the case Why_Me suggested (the more room the better, I imagine) and downgraded to a 650W supply. Now I'm going to go buy this stuff so I can quit obsessing. :)
  4. Let us know how the build goes.
  5. One last question - should I consider any extended warranties from newegg?
  6. No......... never get an extended warranty from anyone, IMO.
    If a part survives the initial MFGR's warranty its likely to keep on going just fine.
  7. Thank you!
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