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Help choosing Gigabyte mobo

I am putting my system together but I am kind of lost with my mobo. I want a Gigabyte socket 1155 chipset Z68 mobo for my gaming PC. I want something compatible with SB, reliable and easy on my pocket. This is an option suggested by Tom: is this ok for me? I really do not care for integrated graphics.

What I have in mind is :

CPU i3 2120
GPU GTX 550 TI or 560
4 to 8 G RAM

I am open to suggestions from other brands of course

Thanks in advance.
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    Buy this , is cheaper and support SLI or Crossfire : 122$ and Gigabyte is 157$ , and put if you can 25$ to the diference between the two mobos price you can buy this quad core
  2. Thanks for the help! Is asrock reliable? I have heard mixed opinions about them. The mobo sounds good tough
  3. ASRock Inc. is a manufacturer of motherboards, netbooks, and HTPCs, based in Taiwan and chaired by Ted Hsuu. It was established on May 10th, 2002 and invested by and subordinated to Asus.

    So, I'd say very good : )
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