GPU-Z showing two GPU Temp readings

I have a Gigabyte GTX470 SOC and i dont really have any complaints about the card. It works like a charm. What is puzzeling my mind though is the fact that GPU-Z is showing two different temp readings. Can someone plz explain to me what they mean. As you can see on of them is lower than the other.

Thank you!
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  1. Nobody seriously knows this? I have posted this question on 4 different forums and all i get is views but no answers =S
  2. Obvious question but: are you running SLi?
  3. I am curious to see if anyone knows the answer as well. GPU-Z shows two GPU temperatures even if you only have one GPU installed.
  4. Nope, no SLI. Single card.
  5. lol amateurs :P
    I get 4 different temperature readings from my single 5770

    maybe there just are several temp sensors on the chip, in different places...
  6. These could refer to temps at crucial locations of your GPU die, such as shader cores, memory controllers, tessellators, etc.
  7. As speculated above, these temperatures are for different areas of your graphics card. Some software can better identify those areas by giving you the name and the temp. Others aren't so good, so they just give you the temp with a generic name. And some software don't read the temp or anything except for the GPU core.

    For example, I had 4 temps on one of my cards, one for the core, one for the I/O hardware, one for the shader, and one for something else that I don't remember.

    Most likely temp #1 is the core, the one you want to focus on. Sometimes the others will be higher, but that is okay, they will stay in a general range of each other.
  8. =) thank you guys
  9. The only other thing that you sometimes get is if you have dual monitors, some programs will read the temp twice, because they base the read out on the monitor, not the card. It is strange, but I've seen it, with the temps even being 1 or 2 degrees different.
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