Testing my new build

So I have my new system up and running. I would like to run tests to check all parts of my system are working correctly. What do you recommend?

My system parts are:
intel i7-950
asus x58 sabertooth
6GB corsair 1600MHz RAM
750W Corsair TX PSU
ASUS ATI radeon 6870
1TB Western Digital HDD 7200rpm

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  1. Welcome back ja9g08;
    Congrats on a successful build.
    Have you had all your updates done? Drivers and OS?

    Step-by-Step Guide to Building a PC
    You're ready for Step 10: Test System and Have FUN!!
    It mentions several tests to run and some software for system monitoring.
    Don't forget that a gaming session is a pretty fair way to test the system too.
  2. and a gaming session is way more fun haha
  3. I need to perform a few updates but need to purchase a long ethernet cable first!
  4. Not going for wireless? How long a cable do you need??
  5. I use OCCT for most testing as it performs both testing and monitoring functions....then I can use the graphs to look over the results in detail. I like OCCT cause its 60 minute tests don't require the "overnight" time commitment of P95 and memtest .... of course once I have my OC dialed in, then I'm going to use P95 as the final test.
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