Help Required! Duel monitor issues.

Hey guys,

Just got a new GFX card - ATI HD 5670 1GB

The card has 3 ports at the back : DVI, HDMI and DP.

I was running duel monitors on my old card that had only 2 DVI ports and the duel screens used to work and detect fine.

- my 2 monitors have only VGA outputs on the back of them and are BOTH fully HD ready (LG Flatron W2230S) -

However with my new card, I plugged my first monitor into the DVI port (like on my old card using a VGA > DVI adapter) that worked perfectly and with the second monitor i had recieved a DVI > HDMI connector.

Soo from my 2nd monitor it goes VGA > DVI > HDMI

I assumed this is the correct way to go about connecting to the HDMI port, however my second monitor doesn't seem to connect.

I have installed the latest version of ATIs CCC yet still no joy.

If any of you out there know anything about this or how to fix the issue i would be most appreciative.

Many thanks in advance,

OS : Windows 7 Ultimate - 32bit
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  1. I'm pretty sure you can't convert the signal twice over converters. You'll need another converter, something like HDMI > VGA, or DP > VGA.

    Having HDMI > DVI > VGA is too much.
  2. oh ... DUAL ... i was expecting monitor vs monitor fight to the finish

    ^ is correct on your actual problem usually doubling adaptors is a bad idea :D
  3. Many thanks for the replies.

    So what im looking to get would be a VGA > DP adapter?
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