Asus Crosshair AM2 corrupt bios?

:hello: everybody and thanks for looking.

I was just wondering if someone could help me resolve this frustrating problem!!! I have a Asus Crosshair (am2) motherboard. It's a great board and works awesome when it wants to. I think there is a problem with the bios but I'm unsure. For instance sometimes when I start my computer everything powers up as usual however the odd time I will get no video but my graphics card is on? ( I know its working because I can feel the fan moving). The computer will stay running forever like this and when I go to turn it off I hold down the power button and it restarts(sometimes)??? Now the fun part..... every time this happens I have to turn off the power switch on my psu, remove the battery from the motherboard,remove the graphics card, then push clrcmos,reassemble and it works no problem!!!!! no sometimes when I shutdown windows and reboot again I get a BLACK SCREEN no video signal & I have to start from scratch all over again. Also the odd time when I shutdown windows 7, it will hang on the shutting down screen for LIFE!!! I eventually just hold down the power button. I know it's not my version of windows as it is windows 7 ultimate 64bit,no viruses ect... I have not a clue what would cause this and quite frankly I hope one of you can help me narrow this down!!!!!!!!!! I know its not me everything inside the case is wired correctly, everything is firmly plugged in,I have tested the graphics card in 4 other computers and have not had a problem. I was told that it could be because the video card is running on PAL mode but that's not the case the cards jumper is on NTSC. Also I was told this may happen if the board is overclocked... well I usually keep my cpu overclocked using ASUS AI OC tool, usually run it at 10%. However I have tried with default bios settings,over clocked, regular settings ect....

hears my specs

motherbord - Asus Crosshair Am2
cpu - AMD 9950 Black Edition
Cooler - Corsair H60
ram - 6Gb Kingston ddr2 @ 400mhz
Gpu - ati Radeon x1650 512mb
psu - Ocz zs750
hdd - 2tb wd Green & 1Tb Hitachi

NOTHING WORKS LOL..... on the bright side at at least I know how to get it working again if it dose happen but really WHAT THE HELL COULD CAUSE THIS!!! I have had nothing but problem with ASUS

24 led ASUS monitor - R.I.P
ASUS BT211 Blutooth adaptor- RIP
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  1. The battery is perfect I have checked already, & sorry I had put bluray adapter It was a bluetooth adapter. Anyways I have not a clue what happened I was watching a movie with my gf one night and she was the one that realised, I had it plugged in the back of my motherboard and it started smoking by the time I realised it was melted to my Io shield and to my ethernet cable!!! I had a hell of a time trying to get it off and sat there with tweeters picking out plastic from my ethernet port for ever. I have not a clue what could of caused this it lays a mystery to my mind. My engtx580 still works to this day but has major artifacts. The monitor I had for about a year and was watching a bluray and the screen went pink I was told that it's because I was watching bluray and its only 60hz & the 775 motherboard just stopped booting. As I said nothign but problems..... its not just me I have read hundreds of blogs/posts about their products.

    oh and my system specs are in the previous message
  2. why would a 9950BE bottleneck a gtx580 ? I don't understand because I was using a friends extra ATI FirePro V7800 for a week until I got my gtx580 and I had no problems what so ever. And the v7800 is not even remotely comparable to the gtx580 lmao.
  3. Well the board works fine once I get it running lol. I'm using as I type. It only happens sometimes when I turn the pc off and restart again. But sometimes it wont happen at all. I just hate having to remove my gpu,battery and clear my bios every time it dose.But oh well I don't have the money to buy a new rig so it will have to do I was just hoping that someone could help me out to resolve this. And I have a question for you Malmental..... can a asus crosshair really run a AM3 chip? Can you please provide me a link to download the latest BIOS that will support my current cpu and give me headroom to upgrade in the future?.....

    I have looked on the asus website and I don't see any bios that will?? the latest bios I seen was for Windows Vista 64bit and it was version 1207. However I'm running Windows 7 64bit would this have issues? I'm going to reboot my computer and post another reply with the bios version I'm using.
  4. I seem to have the latest version 1207 installed
  5. not quite the answer I was looking for I already knew that lol. If anyone else has had a similar problem please contact me. thanks
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