Can I use Old components in new build

I am trying to make a budget PC unit that is going to run windows XP because i can't stand windows 7 compatibility. I have a perfectly find hard drive, soundcard, all that. Can I use that over in the new build?

I want to make basically a system with these kinda specs:

At least a dual to quad core processor from AMD or Intel
512MB Graphics Card
160GB Hard Drive (out of my dimension 8400)
Audigy 2 SoundBlaster (out of my dimension 8400)
20 Inch Monitor VGA (already got it)
At least 400w power supply

I basically am going to be playing games like Jade Dynasty, EVE online, perfect world international, freespace, and older games. I dont play crysis or any brand new games at all, but I want to be able to if something comes along and I like it a lot.

I already have:

Dimension 8400
3Gb ram
128mb Radeon X300 Vid Card
Pentium 4 3.2ghz
Audigy 2 soundblaster

Should I go w/ a new build or just upgrade what I got?
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  1. Hello ravenrage07;
    The Dell 8400 and it's BTX form factor makes reusing the case and power supply a no-go item.
    The 3GB of RAM is probably DDR2 400 and not suitable for even a modest upgrade MB.

    The SB Audigy 2 might be OK to move over into the new build. The 160GB HDD is okay to move over but will be 'slow' by comparison to more recent HDDs.
    What OS will you be using? What service pack does it have?

    What is your total budget for the upgrade?
  2. XP service pack 3 will be the OS. 7 Just isnt compatible with older legacy programs.

    Budget not sure yet because I doubt I will be able to buy everything at once. I know RAM, PSU, and Case are no go since that is Dell proprietary bs.
  3. A 'ok' case isn't that expensive and 4GB of RAM is under $45 these days.
    Case and 400W PSU $50 with 4GB DDR3 1333 RAM $40
    I think we'd want to upgrade the case and PSU to get some known good brand into the build.
  4. XP SP3 is the version that would be easiest to install with new hardware.
    What is the new build going to be used for? Gaming? What resolution monitor will you be using?
  5. I virtual box a copy of XP on my dev machine to run old programs, old games, and edit a few XP programs I made. Anyway.....

    If your Hard Drive and Optical Drive are SATA then you can use them with a new build, but if they use IDE then your new build will need to have an IDE connector if you wish to reuse them. The Dimension 8400 case should be mATX so you should be able to reuse it with a new mATX board. You will have to be careful about your choice in CPU cooler though to make sure it fits in that case

    You can re-use the DDR-2 memory but it will hamper your new build. Also, you're going to have to go with AMD and an AM2+ board to use that RAM. I think you're better off just getting new DDR3 RAM so you can get an AM3 or LGA1156 board instead. What you should do depends entirely on you and your budget. You will also need a copy of XP to install. The one you currently have will want to re-activate when you get a new motherboard and it won't activate without a Dell motherboard.
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