ASUS Eee 1215N Heat problem

Off the shelf except running 4g mem. After playing Starcraft 2 for 1.5-2 hrs video starts blacking out in sections and playing slows.Shut the game down and screen is fine. Is this a card or cpu problem and can I boost cooling some how?
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    that's a video card chip issue because you r pushing on the notebook, as you make a load on the video chip.. if you r a gamer get a mainstream gamer pc, better air flow, better cooling.
    and you can check CoolerMaster website for add-on notebook cooling solutions
  2. Thanks for the help. I'm using a lapcool2 now but the fans are in the centre of the board.The one on the web site is top side but I should be able to flip it around. The intake for the AUSU is at the bottom of keyboard,output is leftside closer to the bottom.I'm not a gamer but this machine is only ment for light tasks my mistake. I'll still give it a shot with a better cooler. Thanks again for the information.
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