Gts240 vs 9800

which is good gpu as a profomance 9800gt or gts 240.and they both need external power...
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  1. Well unless you're looking at OEM systems there is no GTS 240, just a GTS250, if you're looking at OEM then yes there is a GTS240 and its performance will be below a 9800GT.

    You're going to be better off saving some money and getting a GTS 450 or even a GTS 250 (which is pretty much a rebaddged 9800gtx with a reworked CPU on a smaller process and higher clocks)

    If you get a 240 you'll kick yourself later, if wont game on higher resolutions.

    Otherwise if this didn't answer your question tell us how much you're looking to spend and what you want to do.
  2. The GTS240 is basically a 9800gt for the oem market and thus they are the same card. Just look to something higher end.
  3. i'd still remember when some people call GTS240 as 'super charge' 9800GT but basically performance should be close for the two. to OP: are you sure is GTS240 and NOT GT240?
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