GB GTS450 on Win7(64), Phoenom II x6 1055T, ASUS CROSSHAIR IV forumla.

My graphic card(gigabyte GTS450) is not recognised by ASUS CROSSHAIR IV formula. Actual nvidia drivers instaled, chipset drivers aswell.
System boots, video card cannot be recognised, display 800x600 default. I did clear instal of drivers, switched graphics to Geforce 9800GX2 , the efect is the same. What else can I do for that? it doesen`t look like invaild Graphics, neither any other components, how can I solve that problem? Is it Windows, drivers or something else?
Thank you for reading this, I`d appreciate any suggestions.
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  1. die you connect it with the 2 molex to one 6 pinconnector? with my gts 450 i origionally hooked it up to my psu 6 pin and it would not post or show. as my corsair tx650w has two 6 pin connectors i turned it off and tried with the other one... i was abotu to try rma'ing the card but figured what the duece 'll look at this little molex to 6 pin adaptor, hooked it up and it posted jsut fine

    so basically are you using the included power adaptor or a real 6 pin?
  2. maybe its because of your driver installed in 32-bit version.You might have to change the driver installer into 64-bit since you are using 64-bit OS and see if this can solve your problem
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