Help me with the power hungry zacate build!

for some reason im getting about 60 watts playing movies
at about 50 watts idlings
using killawatt

my system specs are as followed
4gb ddr3 memory
zacate e350- dual core 1.6ghz
power supply - 700w ocz with 80 PLUS Certified - (overkill, i've even tried a 400w psu)
samsung f3 1tb hd
2 x hitachi 5k3000 2tb hd

and 2 stock fans for lian mini itx case

please help??
i've seen posts before with as low as 20's watts
on load at 30 max

why is my power consumption so high? coz of my hard drives?
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  1. maybe yes.One hard drive on the 5 v rails would take around 1.11amps at peak loads..Then considering we would have to deal at about an average extra 4.83watts for each added hdd.
    And considering i think entire system load should go around 50w.
    I think it should be around about right.
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