Is the a new compatiablility chart out for crossfiring beacsue i want to know what i can crossfire a 5830 with but it does not say on the chart. If any one could supply me with a chart or at least a list of what i can crossfire with a 5830 that would be great. THanks
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  1. Since the 5830 is a crippled 5850 which is a crippled 5870, you should be able to CF with the same family of GPUs (5870 and 5850) and of course with another 5830.

    However, doing so will force the more capable GPU to operate at 5830 levels (least common denominator).

    Good luck!
  2. If you have a 58xx series you can CF it with any other 58xx series, but if you a 57xx series you cannot CF it with a 58xx series. The MUST run on the same GPU to CF.
  3. thanks guys cheers
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