Dell Inspiron 545 compatable with a 5770?

I recently bought a 220 graphics card for my Dell Inspiron 545 because I was recommended it, but upon further research I found out it's pretty obismol for gaming and was then recommended a 5770, but I'm not sure if it's compatible with the motherboard or if my PSU is too bad for it. Any help please?
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  1. That computer only has a 300W power supply. So I'd probably want a Power Supply upgrade before I put a decent graphics card in it.

    Otherwise, it does indeed have a PCI-E x16 slot for your graphics card. We'd just want to make sure there is physical room inside the case for a full size GPU. The 545 also comes in a 545s model, which is a slim case. That unit would require a specialty "slim" graphics card. Which processor does your unit have? They list several options, of which the Core 2 Quad is one of them (which would be best case scenario).

    Also, what resolution is your monitor?
  2. It's not the 545s and it is the Core 2 Quad, umm I'm not too sure about the resolution, I planned to get an HD monitor due to the HD port on the 220, but I'm not sure now.

    I don't plan to keep this monitor anyhow.
  3. Glad it's the Core 2 Quad, and that it's NOT the 545s. :)

    Two points:
    1) At 1920x1080 (1080p HD) the ATI 5770 isn't going to be powerful enough. At that resolution you'll want an ATI 6850 or better in my opinion. Less will do, but not with max graphic settings.

    2) You'll definitely need a power supply upgrade. We'll want to determine if the Dell 545 has a standard ATX style power supply in it (I think it is). If so, buying a new PSU should be simple.
  4. This may seem a bit ambitious of me, but since I'm relatively new to the whole computing business and I've only just started a college course in IT, do you think you'd be able to recommend me a monitor and PSU? Would be greatly appreciated :P

    EDIT: Sorry I meant to say; do you think you'd be able to recommend me a monitor and PSU suited for the 5770?
  5. Power Supply Option:

    Antec NEO 520W $54.99 - $15MIR = $39.99

    This isn't a high end PSU, but it'll be plenty for what you need. And, it's made by a QUALITY power supply maker. This is a part you don't want to skimp on and go cheap. It would also leave you room to potentially do something more powerful than the ATI 5770.

    Monitor Option:
    Acer 22" 1680x1050 $149 + Free Shipping

    Good/Decent brand monitor, with a good resolution for ATI 5770 game play. I wouldn't go higher resolution than this unless you want a better video card. Depending on what games you play, and how high you want your graphic settings, some titles you may not be able to max out graphic settings with the 5770.
  6. Ok that's awesome thanks :P but for the monitor do you think I'd be able to just Google the card's recomendations for monitors?

    EDIT: Oh wait, sorry never read down :P thanks alot man, been a great help (Y)
  7. No problem. :) Good luck to you, and happy gaming. :)
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