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just a quick question everyone. Are the new 6900 series cards going to be the next generation of HD5800 series cards? If so will there be card replacing the HD5870 at around a £250 price point?. I know at this stage it will be mainly guesses and assumptions but just wondering what you think :)

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  1. 6950 - probably £300-350
    6970 - probably £400~
    6990 - probably £500-600

    The card replacing the 5870 will be the 6970, as ATI's fastest gpu. 6950 is a underclocked version of 6970 and 6990 is a dual 6950/6970, a graphics card with two GPU's. Just like 5970.
  2. I haven't been too into new graphics cards lately seeing as I just got the 5850 for $244 4 months ago and the new 6870's started at $240 -.-. Just makes me angry.

    Well if the 69xx is anywhere near as good as the 5970, there will be a huge performance gap between the 6870 and the highest 69xx, so I'm sure there will be a card in between for that price.
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