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  1. I don't see any mention of any bug fixes.

    I guess there aren't anymore to fix! ;(

    Installed flawlessly. Looks much better than the old Cat. Easier to navigate around in. Cayman is out within 48 hours.

    I hope they redo the Overdrive section as well.
  3. Is it fine to install it? Is this the actual release? Weird I didn't see it when I went to and put in my card info, it just gave me 10.10
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    Cat 10.12 (Preview) Released
  5. Thanks for the feedback Shadow, I actually heard bad things about this driver(in guru3d forums) about both performance and trouble in installing, but your post made me feel better :D So,I'm going to try it out and will post the results soon
  6. i just saw 2 links:
    Catalyst Software Suite
    AMD Catalyst™ Accelerated Parallel Processing (APP) Technology Edition

    should i download and install both?

    i installed the APP but there's no change in the dialog box of my catalyst center. lol. my OS is windows xp sp3 32bit
  7. same here. Installed cat. 10.12 (APP) but catalyst seems to be absolutely the same like previous versions .
    Any suggestions how to switch to new catalyst ?
  8. There are 3 versions now:

    AMD Catalyst 10.12 Preview for Windows 7– Featuring the new Catalyst Control Center, which has the new interface and weights 110mb

    AND the standart and APP edition with the same old interface, 72.6 and 89mb respectively.
  9. Good download results for my 5770.
    Installed the "new look" version and I like it. Navigation is fast and easy.
    Settings are the same as before. So far, no issues, although my card isn't high on the list.
  10. Can anyone with multiple monitors comment on any flickering? 10.10 works well for me, but 10.11 brought lots of flickering when the clocks would go down to 157/300.
  11. The release notes says that mouse corruption is no longer observed, but I sure as hell just observed it....

    Ah well, maybe it'll get addressed in 2012.
  12. 2 days before the world ends
  13. So I installed 10.12 (new CCC preview driver) and had the bad flickering again. I was going to edit the default profile, but the only clock references I saw were for Overdrive, and I couldn't even figure out how to add a profile for clocks as in the old CCC.

    Also, I had lots of trouble getting the CCC to function. It would open once, then fail to close properly (Windows would ask if it shutdown abnormally) and then I couldn't get it to open again without a reboot.

    So, back to 10.10...
  14. looks nice but I will wait a bit.
  15. I've been using 10.12 with the new catalyst for a while now. No issues installing and seems to run fine on my 4850, though sometimes it disappears/doesn't start. Maybe that is th way the new one works - only comes up when you need to change something (like NV).
  16. Working without a problem on HD 5850 and win7 64bit, the new interface looks pretty good too.
  17. it looks like there was no changes to the dish, just a shiny new menu to order from
  18. So I should amend my last statement about the mouse corruption occurring: While it did happen again (several times) the last time it happened...something magical and wonderful happened. When i moved the cursor from one display with corruption to the other, the mouse appeared normal (and this is the old driver's behavior). However moving the mouse back to the origional (corrupted) display, the mouse was restored!

    Not sure what this means for people with single displays but experience mouse corruption, but this is slightly better behavior, but I really wish they would quash this thing once and for all.
  19. Fixed my issue in SC2 where I couldn't see what units I had selected or other ground effects like the pylon power grid. Really happy for that, was really hard to play without that.
  20. Well it installed fine. I'm not a big fan of the layout, I'd prefer if it was a bit easier to get into the settings I want to change but it's not so bad.

    One thing I noticed is now my screen likes to flicker/jiggle at times. Not really during normal use but definitely at start up and I think at shut down too it like... vibrates left/right like it's trying to align or... something. It's wierd. But it does work just fine after that happens, I just never saw it do that previously.
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