Please help with the right PSU GPU combo [260 dollars}

Hey can someone tell me what the best psu and video card , combo is for my needs :

1 : I play at 1280 by 1024
2 : My setup now is : Core 2 quad q8200 2,3 ghz , Nvidia gt220 , some sad 260 watt PSU , 4gb ddr2 ram , 32 bit windows vista home premium.
3 : Kinda affortable, and a bit future proof

I play games like ; cod black ops , crysis , battlefield bad co 2 ..... { Mostly fps }

Budget 220 euros , 260 dollars i believe.

i need a ned GPU and PSU for that , tank you in advance .
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  1. A Corsair 450Watt and an HD5770 will max out every game at that resolution with a few FPS to spare.
  2. $260 for GPU+PSU, right?
    Take a look at this:
    That's $225.
    I know that's an overkill for your resolution, but those items are good for long term in case you want to upgrade your monitor to a bigger one. :)
  3. ^Thats what i was going ot suggest
    ~Saw that deal on newegg for a week now.
    It's the best deal you could ask for,it will max out BFBC2 and it will max it out if you get a bigger monitor over time.

  4. Get this, you can also crossfire later without needing to upgrade your power supply. I had 1 5770 before and i could play all those games on high on 1920x1200 (except crysis, but i can play that at max with 2 5770). Also these in crossfire will destroy the 460.
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