PSU problem?

I've recently installed a cpu cooler and had to pull out the mobo, PSU, etc. After a bit of a struggle getting through POST everything was working well (playing Metro 2033 last night) but now when I power it on all the fans spin for a few seconds, the mobo power light goes on & stays on, but nothing else happens. I'm sure it's not due to a lack of power - it's a Corsair TX 750W and I've disconnected the graphics card, optical drive & floppy drive - but could there be a fault with it? There are no other obvious symptoms.

Asus P5Q SE Plus
Corsair TX 750W
Asus ENGTX480
Corsair 2 x 2048GB RAM
WD 80GB HDD system drive
Seagate 400GB HDD
Dual boot XP Pro SP3/7 Ultimate x64
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  1. Interesting. I'm off to a beer fest shortly, so may have a bash at it later (possibly tomorrow when I sober up).
  2. ok. tell us the result.
  3. I tried the paperclip test and the PSU works fine. Any other ideas?
  4. Is it possible that the 12V rail isn't getting enough power through to start everything up? The mobo light is on (so I suppose the 5V supply is fine) but apart from the fans spinning for a second on start-up nothing else happens. All the connectors look fine and I've re-seated everything but maybe I damaged something when I took the mobo out, although there are no obvious signs (or smells).

    Any suggestions appreciated.
  5. so your saying the mobo lights up and all fans turn on but there is no display?
  6. Yes, but the fans only spin for a second or two, including the Zalman beast. There are no other noises, no HDD/optical/floppy drive light flashing, no RAM check, no POST whatsoever and no display. The mobo light remains on but otherwise there are no signs of life.
  7. ok,
    then you could check for leaking capacitors on the mobo.
  8. Don't damaged capacitors look bloated & distorted? There's nothing like that and no residue on the mobo. It looks as good as gold.
  9. One other thought - although the front panel connectors all look fine at both ends, could it be a fault with the power switch connector? I took off the front panel and it all looks fine but the connection at the mobo end is a bit flimsy. Still, re-seating it doesn't seem to make any difference.
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