Dualview Dell U2410 & U2311H

I just wanted to make sure of something...
I have a dell U2410 and now Im thinking of buying the U2311H , since there is a good deal on dell's site. The only thing is that Im not sure 100% that there will be no problem if i set up a dulaview with these displays, do they have to be identical when you do that. What im concerned about the most is the color calibartion. I know the color will not be identical, its ok with me, but will I have separte control for the color of each monitor? and have a different icc profile, cuz the U2410 is a wide gamut, so I have an icc profile that works best for it amd I dont want the color of the other one to be completly fucked up...

Anyways if someone could confirm me how will it work out....much appreciate ;)

Thx in advance!
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  1. So long as your video card has two ports for monitors, you'll be fine. You'll be able to control the color/gamma/contrast/etc for each monitor individually. Really no two monitors are the same so you'll have to adjust to make them look similar.

    I have two dell monitors that are very similar here at work, but it is really hard to get them to match perfectly. I gave up, so one is slightly darker than the other, it really is fine though. If you are a perfectionist, you can get them looking basically the same, give or take.

    Dual-monitors are great, go for it.
  2. I believe Windows 7 will allow you to associate a specific profile for each monitor as I have done the research in the past. However, I am still using Win XP (which only allows you to use on ICC profile) so I am not 100% certain.
  3. Bit of a side note here, but you can usually get a rep (in the official dell chat thing or over the phone) to go a good deal cheaper than the online price. Here in Aus, we can usually get the U2311H to $249AU (shipped)
  4. Hey Thx for replys guys
    I checked over on google, looks like windows 7 is better suited fore dual monitors, and since my GPU has two DVI, that should mean it can support two separate monitors (2 LUTS, 2 icc profiles....)Problem might be in Photoshop or similar softwares. Anyways ill give it a try, shouldn't be too bad and plus I want the dual screen soo badly lol

    @ Mark Heath, Thx for the tip man! ;)
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