Building new gaming computer and could use some input

Hello everyone. I've made up my mind that I'm unhappy with a Dell computer I bought about 2 years ago and decided I'm going to build myself a new rig, first time building one. I can't decide whether or not to go with the X58 chipset or the new Sandy Bridge (any clarification here would be helpful as I know little about it). Basically I want this machine to be able to game at moderate to high settings on newer titles like Crysis, WoW, etc, on a monitor with the resolution of 1680x1050. Here's a list of parts I've compiled so far.

Case: HAF 932 (already purchased)

Processor: I7 950

Motherboard: ASUS Sabertooth X58

Graphics Card: Nvidia Gtx 560 TI

Hard Drive: Western Digital 1TB

Power Supply: Corsair 850 watts (already purchased)

RAM: Corsair XMS3 12GB kit

Again, any help on the build would be much appreciated.
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  1. 1680x1050, at that res you should be looking at a phenom ii x4 955 BE system, really you should wait for SB to be re-released and for Bulldozer to come out looking at April

    Also Crysis is old
  2. ^ Agreed.

    You could check out my siggy and look at those build. The 1000$ build should work out for you just fine. probably won't cost 1000$ though because you don't need the PSU or 932.
  3. If you can return the case+psu do it because a 650w or 750w will be overkill but will be cheaper overkill. and the HAF 932 is great but the 922 will work for all systems that use an ATX mobo and basic water or basic-advanced air
  4. Thanks for the responses. I know that my PSU might seem a bit overkill, but I plan on doing SLI in the future, around Christmas, and it's recommended to be around that ballpark for the configuration. Regarding my monitor, it's my primary use as a display, but I also might use a flat screen TV or get a new monitor that uses a higher res in the future. As for the AMD processor, I would like to steer clear of those. I know that they tend to be in plenty of budget builds, but from as far as I can tell, Intel would fit more of my needs than an AMD.
  5. If going for 1920x1080 (flat-screen tv) I would go for intel if you can afford it (pretty sure you can) but the LGA 1156 i.e. i5 760
  6. 850w is recommended for dual 570s but for dual 560 tis a 750w will be fine, and allow for OCing headroom
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