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I recently got a new graphics card. the nvidia geforce 450, and when i plugged it into my system it would get to the pst scereen, get as far as checking nvram then hang. after alot of research it seems the problem is my motherboards pci-e. i have read where people have had this problem with the nvidia 200 , 400 and 500 series cards on the same, or very similiar motherboard to mine. now it seems as if i can find an update to my bios i should be fine but i have searched and found nothing. this is a link to my exact motherboard

cpuz gives that info but adds under bios

brand - american megatrends inc.
version - 3.24
date- 01/18/2007

now ,as i said above ,on amazon i found a review where someone was having the same problem on a similiar motherboard and they could not find any hp drivers for it so they flashed it with another driver. the review is here

checking up hes product on hp it has this motherboard

and he said "ECS have an equivilant (RC410L/800-M)" which he flashed it with.

now i was hoping someone could maybe offer me advice on an equivalent bios i could flash mine with.

if not would a geforce 9000 or 8000 series run in my system atleast
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  1. You've got to be pretty knowledgable to flash with another bios or you will end up with a dead motherboard. I recommend you upgrade the power supply first; this is a good one for a reasonable price:
  2. power supply has been upgraded to a 750w one.

    i have done a bad flash on my motherboard ages ago and i got a new bios chip off ebay for a few pounds so i am not to worried about that i just really want my gfx card to work. if not i guess i will have to get an older one
  3. hmm., forgot to mention the problem is my board has pci-e 1.0 and it needs to be updated to run the card which should be backwards compatible but has run into some problems with actualy being so with some motherboards
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